About Us


About US

Pay-my-Bills(PMB) is a Multi-Form Foundation. It was conceived by a group of individuals from around the world. Pay-my-bills.org include a collection of service oriented individuals, private foundations, agencies and private businesses who have pooled their efforts and funds to offer unique services to the middle class which has long been neglected and under-served.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the world's great companies, helping our customers,
members and communities to prosper and grow.

Our Mission

To be a different kind of company - a company that put it's members first.

Our strategy

Our strategy is aimed at building deep and enduring customer relationships such that customers stay with us, conduct more business with us and recommend us to others. we seek to build long-term customer relationships and maintain high levels of customer retention. We also have a continued focus on streamlining and simplifying our business, to improve the quality of experience for customers and reduce our costs to serve.
The company has grown rapidly during the past 8 years. Today We serves more than 270000 customers and members. Creation of 3 local offices in 3 states is projected for the next two years.
Corporate responsibility at the Corporation is about being a responsible corporate citizen.
We focus on the ideals of environmental responsibility, corporate accountability and social responsibility to further bolster the notion that addressing these issues support the attainment of financial goals and can be critical to long-term corporate success.


We take corporate governance and business ethics very seriously. Our Code of Conduct serves as a compass for our employees, directors, and business partners to consistently act with uncompromising integrity as we build trusted relationships around the world.
The Board of Directors is responsible for oversight and supervision of the overall affairs of the company. The following guidelines have been adopted by the Board of Directors and, together with the charters of the standing Board committees, provide the framework for the governance of the Corporation.
The Board regularly reviews its corporate governance practices, including these guidelines, to ensure that they continue to reflect the high standards that those who deal with the Corporation as employees, investors, clients, customers, vendors or in other capacities can and should expect.
Board Responsibilities
1. The business and affairs of the Corporation are subject to the overall oversight and authority of the Board of Directors. The Board has assigned primary responsibility for several important functions to the following standing committees: Audit (financial reporting and internal controls); Compensation (CEO review and evaluation and executive compensation); Finance (capital structure and financial policies); Governance (corporate governance, strategic planning and director succession planning); and Public Affairs (public policy issues).
2. The Board holds at least two regularly scheduled meetings each year, with additional meetings scheduled when necessary. Additional committee meetings are held as needed, either in person or by telephone conference. To the extent possible, each director is expected to attend in person all meetings of the Board of Directors and the committees on which the director sits, and to participate telephonic-ally when they are unable to attend in person.

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