The current economic environment presents challenges for many people. During these difficult financial times, hard working people are increasingly finding themselves unable to pay their utilities.
At Pay-My-Bills, we know how hard it is to ask for help, and how difficult and frustrating it can be to find an organization that can help with utility bills.

Our goal is to help prevent these stressful situations that could otherwise affect or even threaten the normal way of life of many hardworking people.

We are committed to providing protection and total peace of mind with our efficient pay-my-bills Memberships.

Pay-my-Bills Memberships are Annual Membership Programs for low and middle-income individual designed to pay their Residential Utility Bills, in the event that they are unable to pay them because of an accident, sickness or unemployment.

Pay-My-Bills services include a collection of individuals, private foundations, agencies and private businesses who have pooled their efforts and funds to offer a unique service to the low and middle class which has long been neglected and under-served.

We know that everyone’s situation is different.
That’s why we offer different Membership Levels to help our members the best way possible according to their needs, including:
the Silver Membership, the Gold Membership, the Premium Membership.
In addition, Pay-My-Bills provides its members, energy saving education, and motivation through community sessions, and a Member's Portal where members can get unlimited access to useful information, other savings and discounts.

Pay-my-Bills Membership is like a private health-care for your bills It is there if you need it - And when you need it you will be glad you have it.

With Amazing Benefits including:
$0 Deductible - No Credit Check - Easy Monthly payment plan - No need to wait for reimbursement
Payment made directly to members - Unlimited access to helpful resources and more.
Pay-my-bills is the Perfect Membership.

It's like an insurance policy for your bills except there is
No deductible-No credit check-No hassle
and payments are made directly to you.
You choose how you want to receive payments

See what others are saying....

Are you facing Eviction or Utility Disconnection?

Don't let it happened again!

We want to do everything we can to help you avoid this situation in the future. 

The important thing is that you TAKE ACTION and don’t wait until it’s too late. 

Protect Yourself and Your Family NOW!
For less than $0.20 Cents a day, you can enjoy total peace of mind all year round.


Pay-my-Bills Membership is like a private health-care for your bills
It is there if you need it - And when you need it 
you will be glad you have it.

Who can apply for membership?
Anyone who pays a utility bill or cell phone bill can apply for  Membership.
How is eligibility determined?
While different Membership levels have different eligibility criteria
in general two main criteria are used to determine eligibility.
 1) Monthly Income     2) Monthly Bills

We are your family’s partner in helping you enjoy total peace of mind on a budget. By enrolling in one of our programs, you and your family can Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a pay-my-bills membership.


For  Unlimited Access to our Member's Portal where You can access a library of useful resources and information.

A small investment today
can provide you total peace of mind tomorrow

   Eviction Notice?      Cell Phone Disconnected?  Water Service Disconnected?
Electric Utility Service Disconnected?  Gas Utility Service Disconnected?

Don't let it happen again!


Don’t wait until your services are disconnected  to seek help

Protect yourself  and your family  Now!
A small investment  Today  can provide you  Total peace of mind  Tomorrow.

Pay-my-Bills Membership is the only one of its kind.
It provides total peace of mind and reassurance,
It's easy to arrange, it simplifies budget and controls costs.